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1.Product Description

RTR product series is the industry-leading RTR Direct Imaging systems, suitable for roll to roll exposure applications.

The system uses DMD technology to achieve line width uniformity on minimal 8μm fine lines through high data resolution, reducing overall operating costs while guarantee optimal quality.

2.Features and Advantages


Industry-leading RTR Direct Imaging System

  • Based on DMD scanning lithography solution, adopts high performance data processing technology and CFEMEE professional optic lens to deliver direct imaging without film, lower total cost, simplify process cycle, and improving yield.
  • With the high power laser and the high transmission efficiency optical system, CFMEE DI system offers high throughput and maximal flexibility for most of the dry films.
  • Segmented Exposure: processing of extra-long pattern exposure for applications in the fields of renewable energy, automotive and lighting, etc.
  • Controlled Tension: ensure the consistency of scaling.
  • Dual-Roll Exposure: achieve high productivity for fine lines.


High Imaging Quality and High Throughput

  • High resolution and high performance optical system delivers high imaging quality on fine line and high throughput.
  • High Depth of Focus: adopts field-proven CFMEE professional optic to offer excellent depth of focus which provides superior line quality on the panels with varied panel surface height.


Alignment Accuracy and Scaling Modes

  • High precision stage and CCD alignment technique provide the alignment accuracy of ±8μm.
  • Scaling Function: Auto scale, Fixed scale, Group scale, Partial scale, Wise scale and other advanced scale modes, controls alignment process, automatic warning or reject for distorted panels, strengthen quality control and improve yield.  
  • Alignment Capability: automatic high speed target alignment, support multi-type of
  • targets, unique image processing technique handling the defected targets, provide fitting functions, guarantee alignment accuracy while keeping the throughput.
  • Prints character string or barcode at any position of the panel for tracking.
  • Supports static or dynamic stamps, such as time, date, serial NO., machine ID, scale factor and various compound serialization, etc.


Smart Factory

  • CFMEE DI products offer related hardware and software functions for smart factory to achieve highly automated and intelligent manufacturing.
  • With the professional software development team, support several various industrial communication protocols, to achieve seamless connection with MES system.
3.Technical Specifications


RTR8/8T RTR12/12T RTR15/15T RTR25/25T RTR35/35T

 Maximum Roll Width (mm)

520/260 520/260 520/260 520/260

Maximum Throughput

(m/min, image length 610mm

1.6/3.2 1.8/3.6

Data Resolution[μm]

0.75 0.9 1.2 2
Minimum Line/space[μm]
12/12 15/15 25/25 35/35
Depth of Focus[μm]
±150 ±150 200 300

Line Uniformity

±10% ±10% ±10% ±10% ±10%

Alignment Accuracy[μm]

±8 ±10 ±10 ±12 ±12
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