NEX-W DI Series for White Solder
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NEX-W DI Series for White Solder

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1.Product Introduction


NEX-W series is a high performance DI for solder mask DI product that utilizes a high power exposure light source combined with high power imaging and high precision positioning system for white oil solder inks. They provide high productivity, high precision, fine windowing, small side etching and high reflectivity solutions for Mini-LED's COB and COG, and other white oil solder mask processes.


2.Product Feature

Industry Leading Direct Imaging System

Based on DMD scanning lithography solution, equipped with high-performance data processing technology and CFMEE professional optics, direct exposure without negative can save cost, shorten process and improve yield.
High-efficiency and high-power UV optical system with multi-wavelength combination light source for white oil can flexibly match various white photographic inks while providing the highest production speed.
Exposure table surface adopts special surface treatment, non-stick ink, no indentation.

High image quality and productivity

High-resolution and high-performance optical system ensures high-quality windowing and bridging capabilities.
High-power light source and controlled wavelength ratio enhance the polymerization of the ink bottom during the exposure process, resulting in optimal side etching.
High Depth of Field: Market-proven CFMEE professional optical design delivers excellent depth of field to cope with a wide range of boards with uneven surface heights to achieve good exposure imaging quality.
High productivity: Dual table mechanism optimizes the exposure process and productivity, simultaneous board loading/unloading/alignment and exposure.

Alignment Precision and Rise and Shrink Mode

Equipped with high-precision moving platform and CCD target recognition system, the alignment accuracy is as high as ±10μm.
Shrinking function: automatic shrinking, fixed shrinking, sectional shrinking, partition shrinking, intelligent shrinking and other high-level shrinking modes, and in the process of alignment of abnormal boards automatic warning or refusal of exposure, to enhance quality control and improve yield.
Exposure: According to the size of the substrate, multiple pieces can be exposed at one time, which greatly enhances the production capacity.
Alignment ability: the system automatically catches the target alignment at high speed, which can support various targets, and can also recognize the target covered by ink as well as use the fitting function for the abnormal target, which can ensure the alignment accuracy and improve the production capacity at the same time.

Product Traceability

In any specified position, the exposure generates text or two-dimensional code for board traceability.
Supports static and dynamic stamp labels, such as time, date, serial number, equipment number, up and down values and various combinations of serial numbers.

Intelligent Manufacturing

CFMEE DI products are equipped with hardware and software functions related to intelligent manufacturing to realize highly automated and intelligent production.
Professional software development team can support various of industrial communication protocols to realize seamless connection with MES manufacturing execution system.



Model NEX40-W NEX50-W NEX60-W
Max throughput [side/h]
200 240
Grid [μm]
1.5 2
Min. Dam/SRO* [μm]
50/80 60/120
DOF* [μm]
Wavelength Multi wavelength for White Solder Multi wavelength for White Solder Multi wavelength for White Solder
Max exposure size** 28.5"x24.5" 28.5"x24.5" 28.5"x24.5"
Alignment [μm] ±10 ±12 ±15

*Minimum weld bridges and openings and depth of field depend on ink characteristics and process.

**Standard table size, plus support for customized extra-large dual tables (up to 49") for increased productivity.

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