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SDI Series

The SDI family of products is the industry's leading direct photovoltaic imaging solution for the high-precision graphical process of photovoltaic solar cells.
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1.Product Introduction


The SDI series is an industry-leading photovoltaic direct imaging solution for high-precision patterning processes of photovoltaic solar cells.
The system utilizes DMD technology, and through its high-precision data resolution capability, with resolution accuracy better than 15μm and excellent line width consistency and edge roughness, it ensures efficiency gains while reducing overall operating costs.


2.Product Feature


  • Direct writing lithography without mask, non-contact exposure process;
  • 405nm semiconductor laser, low exposure dose without substrate laser damage;
  • Back to back dual track M10/G12 half chip ≥ 10000wph;
  • Graphics easy to edit, substrate size for 166~210 whole as well as half cells;
  • Alignment accuracy: gripping edge alignment ± 0.05mm, Mark high-precision alignment of ± 10μm;
  • Applicable to different photosensitive materials, resolution accuracy better than 15μm, line width tolerance ±10%;
  • High-precision environmental control system, good stability;
  • Windows-based system, user interface for easy operation.





Model PV SDI
Substrate size 166 mm~210mm whole or half cell
Substrate thickness 100~150μm
Resolution 15μm
CDU ±10%
DOF ±100μm
Alignment Edge Alignment ±50μm
Mark Alignment ±10μm
Dual-track capacity 10000wph
Light Source LD 405±10nm
Stitching ±1.5μm
Energy uniformity ≥95%
Light source lifetime 10000H

  *  After development, the minimum line width/line distance and depth of field depend on the characteristics of the photosensitive material and the process.

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