We are a high-tech enterprise with fully independent intellectual property rights, specializing in the research and development and production of semiconductor maskless lithography equipment, high-end PCB special laser direct writing imaging equipment (LDI), OLED direct writing lithography equipment in the display field.

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Circuit Fabology Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as: CFMEE, stock code: 688630), founded in June 2015, with a registered capital of 131.3 million yuan, is located in Hefei High-tech Zone IC Industry Base, the company specializes in the research and development and production of direct imaging equipment and direct-write lithography equipment, which has micro-nano direct-write lithography as the core of its technology. The main products and services include PCB direct imaging equipment and automatic line system, pan-semiconductor direct writing lithography equipment and automatic line system, other laser direct imaging equipment.

The company insists on independent R&D and innovation, and owns complete independent intellectual property rights. With the team's leading R&D level, the company currently owns more than a hundred intellectual property rights, and has been approved to establish the "Foreign Experts Workshop" and the "Tenth Batch of Provincial Postdoctoral Research Station".

Relying on the core technology, excellent performance, scientific and technological innovation and other strong core competitiveness, since its inception, the company has been awarded the "Science and Technology Giant Cultivation Enterprises", "Hefei City, the direct-write photolithography equipment engineering technology research center", "National High-tech Enterprise", "2018 China Electronic Circuit Industry Top 100 Enterprises" and many other awards, the company's products have also won the 2017, 2018 Anhui Province, the first (sets) of major technical equipment, the 2019 The company's products have also won the first (set) of major technical equipment in Anhui Province in 2017 and 2018, the second prize of the "Create China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019, and the second prize of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Advanced Manufacturing Industry.

CFMEE focuses on serving customers in the PCB field and the pan-semiconductor field in the electronic information industry, and helps customers realize digitalization, unmanned and intelligent development while improving product quality and reducing production costs through excellent products. After years of deep plowing and accumulation, we have served more than 400 customers, including leading enterprises in the industry such as SCC and ZDT, and also signed strategic cooperation agreements with many listed companies.

"Meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations", the company continues to improve the sales and after-sales service system, one after another set up a branch in Shenzhen, Suzhou subsidiary and other service outlets, to provide customers with 7 * 24 hours of after-sales support.

In 2021, the company completed 35,000 square meters of R & D, production, office in one of the intelligent R & D manufacturing base, which is a new milestone in the development of CFMEE take-off process. We will continue to adhere to strategic innovation, technological innovation, mechanism innovation and talent innovation, and create more social and commercial value with innovation and technology.

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